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Land.db is now available on the App Store for your Apple iOS device! Take Land.db on the go with you to quickly and easily capture your Application, Recommendation, and Work Order records - and much more!

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Speed + Convenience

Land.db iOS allows you to quickly capture your application records in only a few short steps. Your previous product rates will be remembered for fast and effective data entry. 

Capture, view and convert recommendations created from your trusted advisors.

Capture, view and convert work orders that have been issued out to farm personnel or custom applicators. 

Quickly capture yields by truck load or total amount of crop harvested from your fields. 

Easy + Seamless

Easy to use maps are available for farm personnel or custom applicators who are unfamiliar with the names of your farms and fields. By using their current location, users are able to seamlessly tap on the field boundaries they are making the application upon. 

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